Fall In The Neighborhood

I feel so much good energy surrounding me. The day has started so good and thank God it’s an awesome one. I was worried the trees here in my area won’t turn but it felt like it happened suddenly. A couple trees in the grocery store’s parking lot were red and then suddenly everything is so colorful.

Every time I look out from the window, I just feel blessed and feel happy. I feel great actually. It’s so beautiful in a way I am not sure how to express. It just feels beautiful and vibrant. These awesome and wonderful trees, wow!

I went for a walk and I look at every tree here every time I leave the house. I look at the same trees over and over again and I’m loving it.

I don’t know also what to do, how to enjoy the season even more. I’m just happy! Thank God






Blue Sky

I can feel my pupils get smaller; though the sun is beginning to go down, its light is still everywhere.¬†Humidity surrounds me, it’s hot but it’s more beautiful than staying home all day.

I walk a few steps, afraid of the noise; the cicadas¬†are so loud. The moment when is quiet, another is getting louder and louder. Squirrels are running joyfully around the place; they climb the trees, race with each other. They look at me wondering why I;m looking at them; it’s the human-animal language, you have the choice to make a story out of it.

A few steps more, there it is, the blue sky. It’s miraculous. An ever-changing work of art, never twice the same. Though elements of such art are but a few, yet the beauty in different combinations of such elements is astounding.

The vastness of my city, the two-story building and endless landscapes all make the sky looks closer to us. If you look up for a second, you’d see it yourself. The rich blue color fills my eyes; it reflects on my mind; my brain lightens up, my soul, my whole body is responding to the light. For a moment, I stand there; stunned; how beautiful!