The pressure of figuring out a great idea and perfect title for this blog had kept away from starting it for a long time when simply the purpose is merely to write what happens in my life as well as my mind.

My last two blogs were a huge success; I have many active followers there who comment and support me. I could have updated them and continued to write there but I wanted a new area for my fresh new start in real life here. I have moved to a completely new country lately and it’s so fascinating I don’t even want to miss one detail of the great experiences I’m going through here all the time. I want to apply everything I have learned over the past few years and become not only a better person but someone I always wanted to be because I am today where, when and with whom I want to be. No excuses will be considered for a life less than that I always wanted to live.

What makes life good is certainly what we make out of it. There is defeat, weakness and fears everywhere, yet such a happier, greater and more fulfilling life is definitely on the other side of that. As a person who likes to dwell on what happens to him, to discover the philosophy and complexity of life, I am starting this blog to write about almost everything around me and stay closer to the world of written words.


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